The Pöttker Group is represented worldwide in various cultural, social and legal environments. Each site can choose the means which best suit the local circumstances and fulfil the defined aims. Key elements of the guidelines and current group aims are listed below.

The following principles serve as a basis for our business activities:

  • Resources, in particular energy, water and other raw materials, must be used with care. This is achieved through closed processes.  
  • Environmental impacts must be minimised within the framework of efficiency. Therefore the environmental compatibility of our products, and that of our production, is one of the most important environmental objectives.
  • Compliance with all legislation and regulations in the field of environmental protection and Health and Safety at work
  • Active and open information policies in respect of our employees, our business partners, authorities and the public are the prerequisites for trusting cooperation within and outside our company.
  • Avoiding environmental impact is preferrable to dealing with it. For instance, aluminium processing has an optimised cutting programme to ensure optimum material utilisation.
  • We discuss the use of environmentally-friendly primary materials and components with our suppliers. For example, we insist exclusively on quality steel with lead-free zinc coating in the area of pre-galvanized steel.
  • Professional disposal of waste, sorted according to material groups
  • Energy efficiency, recycling capability and minimising environmental impact are the aims of our production methods for manufacturing products. We therefore produce the majority of our electricity using our own solar plant.
  • Each company employee contributes to the realisation of our environmental policies. A contribution to environmental protection is therefore expected from everyone, from trainees to the managing director.
  • The management is obliged to supply  resources and systems to ensure that our environmental guidelines and relevant procedures are conveyed to, and appropriate training is made available to all employees, temporary staff and suppliers.  
  • We respect all contributions by our employees towards our success.
  • The guidelines of our quality and environmental policies are binding.