Folding mechanism overview

The principle: effective stowage the leaves combined with a controlled guided movement sequence

Our folding mechanisms conceal and act as bearings for inserts in a functional and effective manner. Either positioned in the centre of to one side at one or both table front ends, these are available from simple and inexpensive to elegant with single-hand operation. Both one insert or multiple inserts are possible in a mechanism. Whether manual or movement-supported through springs damped in the end position – the folding mechanisms convince customers with their delightful functionality.


name installation height positioning ­butterfly horizontal ­movement one-hand-using brake field of ­application
SFM, 4 pieces
Standard folding mechanism
2 x leaf ­thickness + 15 mm slantingly  no possible no middle divided tables
PFM, 5pieces
Pedestal folding mechanism 400 / 500 mm table leaf
2 x leaf ­thickness + 15 mm parallel no no no middle divided tables
FM / FM stop
Folding mechanism 
2 x leaf ­thickness + 18 mm slantingly yes yes yes middle divided, top- and front­slide tables
Flat folding mechanism
2 x leaf ­thickness parallel yes yes yes middle divided, top- and front­slide tables