FFM - flat foldingmechanism

A flat line for superb design

  • Can be assembled both via the central leg and from one side
  • Extremely space-saving installation in terms of height and width
  • Prevents the butterfly from swinging too far
  • Permits one hand action
  • Horizontally movable for Frontslide extension


Well-conceived design

  • Due to our patented flat folding mechanism technology, the clear design runs through all table dimensions:
    top, frame, movement and bearing support of inserts
  • Impresses customers with flat construction height and clear lines viewed from all angles
  • Convinces customers through well-organized structure of all functional elements, outside and inside
  • Provides a defined movement sequence during the entire operating process



Leather handle

Zinc die-cast

Steel shaft with hinges

Leather handle

Height adjustment

U-bolt with hinges