The outdoor lifestyle has been growing in importance for years. People are spending more of their free time getting outside and engaging in outdoor recreation. Enjoyment of nature and outdoor spaces is filling the role once held by cars in our lives. High-quality, functional and weatherproof furniture has replaced your grandmother’s old folding card table.

Designer tables made of aluminium, stainless steel and weather-resistant surfaces create a unique look in your garden. They are also just as functional as the furniture inside your home. Today's garden furnishings are expected to fold in the middle and offer table leaves and sliding table tops to expand in size. All of the accessory components, made of stainless steel, aluminium and high-quality plastic, are also designed for outdoor use. With components designed to work together, you receive everything you need from a single source. Browse for more inspiration.

These steel extensions with a height of 47 mm are also available as an outdoor version:


Basic advanced



Frontslide Basic

Most of our aluminium extensions can also be used as outdoor versions.